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So, between Moonbeam splitting the party by nearly dying and the boys deciding it was a good idea to run back into the antechamber they already knew contained at least twice as many guards as them, I managed to get exactly what I wanted out of this session. To whit: everybody ends up in the middle of the vast desert wasteland with three days' water and five days' walk to the nearest other source of water, thus driving them forward towards my not!Reavers barbarian horde. Plus an impromptu rendition of Yakety Sax. All in all, a good night.
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Hmm, yesterday's first session of my DnD campaign went surprisingly well. I kind of wish my group had had more roll-players, because there were a few scenes I think would have been much more dramatic with people who took them more seriously, but I did have fun. Moonbeam, who is our friendgroup's obsessive DM, actually complimented the campaign so far. I feel she might be biased because she's dating me, but whatever.

Although specifics on magic and races differ, (because I didn't want to limit anyone or make things too complicated by changing up the normal, straightforward Players' Handbook rules) this campaign is meant to help me hammer out worldbuilding specifics, and I even got to use one character's plot relevant disappearance as the jumping off point for the campaign, although the character in question is something of a red-herring who isn't meant to ever be found.

Poor Darre.

We'll see where we end up.
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Brain, I am ordering you to write your campaign. It has to be ready by Friday. You have today and Thursday to get this done, and you have class at two on both those days. Work. Do not, repeat, do not use wanting to reread the giant monster-fanfic it took you more than a day of almost non-stop reading to finish yesterday as an excuse to show up unprepared for this campaign you've known you were doing since literally this time last year. Don't do that.

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blah blah blah work is hard, how do I even social. We had a DnD intervention that seemed to go quite well, and hopefully Problem Player won't be a problem anymore. He's been given a last warning and is on a probationary period. I venture to at least express encouragement from his reactions; he apologized, then worked with us to come up with a contract to stop him from his cheating/other things, which I take as a promising sign.

I am also worldbuilding again, for my campaign. I'm pretty legit excited too.

I don't want to go to bed, but mostly because I don't want to get up tomorrow.

And I forgot I was going to have all of my posts this week use the Glorious 25th icon, so here it is with only two days left until Lilac Day.
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