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On the one hand, hooray for Cecil taking back the station. On the other, there's a part of me that feels like the plot threads are either too nebulous to grasp at, or too obvious to have anywhere to grow. Maybe I'd feel differently had I heard the last three episodes on time, rather than skipping the last two and then hearing them in the space of a week; the time between them airing might have made me more invested in the town's having been captured. But the whole thing just progressed weirdly fast. Still not the masterpiece Yellow Helicopters was, but pretty riveting nonetheless.

Also, I attempted to listen to it in a Skype session with a friend. It wasn't terrible, but Skype shorted out on us a couple of times, and the audio never exactly synced up, so one of us always had a disconcerting sort of echo. Actually didn't in anyway detract from the atmosphere, considering the content.
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Christ above, did I choose the worst two episodes to fall behind on. Everything that could happen, from planned revolution and failure of the above, to a complete hostile takeover of the radio station just went down. That GIF from Community of Troy walking in on a disaster area with pizza and a horrified expression really fits, I think.

Fink and Craynor aren't really bothering with subtlety in their social justice message anymore, are they? I like the direction, particularly the more pointed jabs about revolutionary movements failing because of the bystander syndrome and the willingness to allow other people to risk their lives and futures for the sake of change, as long as it doesn't directly affect us.

Also? I totally called Old Woman Josie being Hispanic. Thank you and good night.
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