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I just spent the better part of an hour making a works page on TvTropes for a shitty romcom I liked when I was fourteen, in lieu of doing productive things, like Christmas decorating, or homework.

I went to my uncle's for Thanksgiving, where surprisingly, my parents didn't have relationship sniping matches with each other, which was really very pleasant. On the other hand, my uncle and his wife, my cousin and her girlfriend, and another cousin and her fiance all were, which was not.

Aside from that, it's been a reasonably nice Thanksgiving, though smaller by an order of magnitude than some of the previous years, given that with Grandma and Grandpa both now gone, most of my aunts, uncles and cousins don't feel an obligation to squeeze into one person's house to visit, and have gone off to do their own thing, while That One Uncle and That One Aunt are presumably no longer invited to family gatherings (or at least gatherings that include my mother).

So nice, I guess.
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