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Nov. 2nd, 2014 12:14 am
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So theoretically I'm doing NaNo. I'm probably going to be working on the seed-story for the too-huge-to-function world, so if I can actually manage to do any of it, expect a lot of dimension-hopping and teenagers freaking out. I say nothing for the quality. I should get an icon for writing...
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- The quasi-Victorian household that consist of the asexual man and the gay woman in what started as a marriage of convenience before they discovered that on top of being good beards, they rather liked each other, the wife's partner of many years and her son from a previous relationship, the husband's recently orphaned niece, and the brother and sister they adopted.

- The married couple, Kate and Monica, who don't really seem to do anything but snark at boring movies I find myself unable to avoid watching. It's always Friday night for them, and they watch the boring movies as an excuse to unwind and snuggle. Kind of unpardonable sappy, but they really rarely show up outside of that context anyway.

- The crew of the space-faring tender ship [No Serial Numbers] that consists of stolen versions of FitzSimmons and the crew of Demo Reel Productions, led by Captain Helena Menendez, who has much more in common with Malcolm Reynolds than either she or I like to admit (but at least she knows she's an asshole and doesn't pretend otherwise, dammit). I think there's actually something here, but it's really hard to shake off the very obvious origins for most of the characters and the setting, which is somewhat hindering my ability to write it.

- William Perks, disabled teen fighter-pilot in steampunk fantasy World War II, and his two best friends and his exasperated CO. I love him, and he actually might have enough setting/plot to make it to the NaNoWriMo shortlist this year. We shall see.

- Lea and Latícia, the immortal telekinetic telepath and her protege, and the complicated history Lea has with the woman at the heart of most of my stories in this particular verse, and who is largely responsible for everything that goes wrong. Untangling this one looks exceedingly hard, but on the other hand, may go a long way in explaining $character's motivations for fucking things up in the manner that she does and setting the ball rolling for most of the plots in this verse.

Barring the last two, none of these take much priority in terms of headspace, and don't really have anywhere to go, but they're fun id candy nevertheless.
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