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“Sorry I’m late, babe,” ‘Drea calls as Lindsay hears the door open and shut from the other room. She wanders out to see ‘Drea kicking off her boots and pulling her braids out of the bun on top of her head as she heads to the fridge for a beer.

She gives Lindsay an absentminded kiss on the cheek on her way. “Got blocked on the way through Times Square. It was weird,” she adds. It’s obviously a story she wants to tell, and Lindsay takes the hint. “How so?”

“You know that SHIELD guy, What’s-his-face, on the news a few months back over that thing at the Stark Expo? Fury something? With the eyepatch?”

“Yeah. Looked like something out a comicbook.” Director Nicholas Fury was kind of difficult to forget.

“Yeah, him. So like, there was this big blocked off chunk of the street, black sedans and black suits, and Fury was talking to some guy. Just talking, but it seemed like, end-of-the-world super important. It was like some government conspiracy shit, you know?” She pulls out a Michelob from the very back of the fridge and makes a face.

“This is the only alcoholic beverage in the entire apartment, isn’t it?” she asks, and groans when Lindsay nods.

“Fuck, sorry,” she says. “Meant to hit Costco Tuesday, but then Daniella called in sick, remember? I texted you? There’s not any meat left either. Sorry.” ‘Drea rolls her eyes.

“Whatever. I’ll go with you tonight if you want, just let me sit here for a bit.” She pads back out of the tiny kitchen and tips her whole body over one arm of the couch, dangling the unopened bottle from the ends of her fingers. Lindsay doesn’t think she’s going to drink it. ‘Drea scoots over on her side and pulls her feet up, pats the cushion beside her.

“So anyway,” she continues like there hadn’t been a break in conversation, as Lindsay comes to lean on her on the couch and steal her shitty beer, “I’m like a block away from the subway entrance, about to cross the street, when three,” and here she holds up her hands to emphasize her mock seriousness, “Top Secret Vans filled with Top Secret Agents pull up and they all just converge on this guy. Really tall white guy, that’s about all I could see because then the suits all get out of their cars exactly like the movies and then What’s-his-fuck gets out, as all these agents are like, threatening to fucking confiscate phones if people take pictures, and he talks to the guy for like maybe five minutes and then he disappears him into a car and the rest of them all get back in their own dark sedans and leave.”

Lindsay was sort of hoping there’d be more to the story than that, but her girlfriend’s pretty excited so she tries to sound interested.

“Woah. That’s totally weird,” she murmurs, playing with the fingers of one of ‘Drea’s hands. ‘Drea nods. The Michelob is slowly warming on the floor beside the couch.

“Yeah, I know it sounds way less cool when I say it, but it was almost creepy at the time.” She snorts, and tips her head back onto the arm of the couch. “I was just thinking on the way back, ‘he’s probably some alien SHIELD’s been keeping locked up since the Forties’. The whole thing reminds me of that tin-hatter site Gilbert trolls with stupid stories about SHIELD agents staging 9/11 or something.”

Lindsay smirks. “And they’re gene-splicing babies with spider DNA and putting hallucinogens in Lake Eerie.”

“Exactly, and doing medical experiments on political prisoners and shit,” ‘Drea combs the fingers of her other hand through Lindsay’s hair, and she settles happily in response. “I think that one’s probably true though,” she yawns.

‘Drea makes an irritated noise. “Yeah, probably.”

“Least they’re better than the CIA,” Lindsay says, and they both laugh, a little.
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Vid recs! Since there isn't anywhere that has all of the vids I most adore, I shall put links to them here.* I do what I want.

Notes for anyone who may stumble on this: Most of these have quick cuts, flashy lights or both. I uh, kind of love fast flashy vids way more than slow ones. So there's that.

Criminal Minds:

* A L L*TheRight*M O V E S by untilwegivein
This one's very dear to my heart. The song in relation to Show provides a really nihilistic context, but overall I'd say it comes out at least a little positive, and hugely gut-punchy. Footage only goes up to Season Five, but since that's where I usually stop watching, no problem. Warnings for quick cuts and flashy lights, as well as CM's usual violence.

* Never Be by tearful eye
Oof. This vid focuses on the many female victims of Criminal Minds and the violence against women so prevalent within the show, but also on its emphasis on fighting back, holding one's own, and giving agency to these victims. It's very powerful, and very dark, but absolutely brilliant. Obviously warnings for violence against women, and themes of trauma and PTSD.

* Coming Down Fast by shinealightonme
And the other side of the coin. This vid focuses on the unsubs of Criminal Minds, set to perhaps the wince-worthy brilliant song choice, "Helter Skelter". Pretty on point. Very well done, frightening vid, but for the love of all gods, exercise caution. Aside from the fairly regular cuts/lights warnings, this is a pretty much constant stream of ultraviolence, from the POV of the people committing it.

Harry Potter:

* Harry Potter - Through the Pensieve by Gen Ip
A pretty epic retelling of the series leading up to the Battle of Hogwarts. It's one of my all time favorites. A must see, but bring your tissues. Quick cuts.

* Breath of Life by Sparralex
Good with portraying the scope in the last movie/story. Flashing lights.

Doctor Who:

* The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Daleks by Andrew Orton
A really funny fusion of seventies daleks and the TV show version of the H2G2. Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

* Doctor Who: What About Everything - A BabelColour Tribute by BabelColour
Bless BabelColour. This just makes me happy. The tribute covers all eras up to Series Six, and the footage fits the lyrics perfectly. The line "what about fortune and fame" makes me wish that the EDAs were a television series, just so that Fitz could have a reference there.

* Glósóli by [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] purplefringe
Gah! Pretty and filled with depth and keen notice of motif and symbolism within Series Five and Six (and a little bit of Four). So. Pretty.

* SAIL by karaaislinn
Fuck it, I love the song and how weirdly dark it is, and how creative, given the footage available. Some quick cuts.

* Whovian Craziness by oOMathiildeOo
For some reason, some of the jokes bug a little bit, and it's nu!Who centric. But the timing and song choices are impeccable and mostly hilarious.

* Handlebars by flummery
Ah, Handlebars. *Vindicated sigh* Everything I loathe about the Tenth Doctor, in one convenient vid. Warnings for quick cuts, some canon-typical violence and Ten being absolutely eviscerated.

* Never Look Away by [personal profile] purplefringe
Gorgeous, gorgeous. A not-quite-shippy Eleven&Clara vid that's also amazingly thoughtful and deep. Combines all of my favorite fanvid elements: fast pacing, a fast song, thematic resonance and Pretty. It's immediately apparent just how much work and love [personal profile] purplefringe put into this, and it's a joy to watch. Funnily enough, this was my introduction to both this song and Vienna Teng in general, and I actually connect it much more to the boys, a connection only reinforced by the quote at the beginning of YBEB part two. Either way, this is incredible, I absolutely recommend. Warnings for tons of very fast cuts and bright flashing lights.

* 48 Years of Doctor Who - Marching On by xxdrosexx
The other vid that makes me wish the EDAs had been a live-action show. As the name implies, this is a tribute to Doctor Who's forty-eighth anniversary. "Marching On", by the way, is one of those perfect vidding songs that when done right is guaranteed to make me sniffle. Fast cuts, Doctor Who's typically arbitrary levels of violence.

* Blank Space by [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights again
AHAHAHAHA This is my new favorite vid. The Doctor and the Master through out time and space, set to a very meta Taylor Swift song. I love it so much. Um, warnings for the bad kind of bondage--their relationship, it should be abundantly clear, is fucked up. Also spoilers.

* to the grave by KatrinDepp
An introspective on series seven's arc and Clara. Fantastically if disconcertingly edited, but as warning there are lots of intentional glitches and pauses timed to the music that can cause eyestrain and should absolutely come with a seizure warning. But it's amazing, and really thoughtful nonetheless.


* Ride To California by bradcpuvids
Oh my, this is fun. Really fast, really exciting look at Phase One and the actual assembling of the Avengers. It also ends with The Avengers, which satisfies me as a stopping point to no end. Not to mention I love the irony of a song all about getting to California in a vid about heroes famous for working from New York. Lots and lots of flashing lights.

* Hey Ho by [personal profile] thuviaptarth
An examination of Marvel (specifically the MCU) and its relationship with and portrayal of the military. I really like this, but there is a nit-picky bit of me that deeply wishes the vid-maker had waited 'til after the release of Winter Soldier, because REALLY. Large Emphasis on needles.

* MCU by lim
The absolute shiniest. Fast and funny and really just ridiculously entertaining and seriously a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Bonus points for Shirtless Men of Marvel appreciation and a Natalia and Peggy duet of Badass in the middle (it makes sense in context, ok?). Lots of very fast cuts.

* Marvel's Phase 1 & 2 - A Look Back
Exactly What It Says On The Tin. Marvel Studios blowing their own horn yes, but damn is it impressive.

* Avengers: The Musical 3 by Daily Asgardian News
Just fucking hilarious. As the title implies, there are two others that come before it, and really, everything Daily Asgardian News does is worth checking out, but this is my favorite.

* Black Widow movie trailer by Elinor X
The movie we all want and still aren't getting. It's a fantastic trailer. Needles, and canon-typical violence.

Iron Man

* Oh No by lily_the_kid
So "Oh No" by Marina and the Diamonds is totally my Sam Jones song, but it really does fit Tony Stark perfectly. Fast-paced and well-edited. Canon-typical violence and Tony-typical flashy lights and explosions.

* Idiotheque, another one by [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights
Again, brilliant song choice. Vids about Tony Stark's myriad issues are kind of a dime a dozen done poorly, but when they're done right, they can be addictive.

* Cuckoo by fiveyearmission
Yes, I know, another Tony-has-issues vid set to a Mariana and the Diamonds song. What can I say? Meta-textual musings on fame and pop-stardom fit Anthony Stark quite well. The usual violence and light warnings apply, and also it's part of a YouTube playlist, so it goes to the next on the list automatically. It bothers me, I dunno if anyone else cares.

* All Systems Go by LeeVee
I really love the sort of declaration in reference to the entire MCU with the phrase "welcome to the new age". Other than that, I just like the song, and I like well-done Tony vids. Again, flashing light and explosions, and this is on a playlist as well.

Captain America (Predictably, there's a bunch)

* Sorrow by [personal profile] trelkez
Um, this was made in 2011 by someone much better at predicting things than I. All about Steve's relationships with Peggy and Bucky during the war, and thus full of Harsher In Hindsight moments and heartbreak. Quite lovely, and, as its name would suggest, quite sad.

* Clint Eastwood by [personal profile] giandujakiss
Good Christ this is skin-crawlingly creepy. In a good way. The song applies to the story interestingly, and is both horrifying in how up-front it is about the Winter Soldier's torture and conditioning, and heartbreaking in its references to the "Future".

* oh well, I guess we're gonna find out by [personal profile] kaydeefalls
Megan Takes The Lyrics Too Literally And This Gave Her The Idea For An Apocalypse AU Of Endless Unhappy. Yeeeah, I can't watch this without crying. I swear it's just me though. I mean, if you too get upset by Matchbox Twenty's "How Far We've Come", this will probably upset you too. But really, it's almost certainly not as distressing as I make it out to be.

* Raise the Dead by k9lover27
Dark and sad. Gorgeous song. Canon Typical violence.

* Captain America Steve & Bucky by thegwynvids
collar me, don't collar me is oddly haunting for such an otherwise upbeat tune. Fitting though.

* When You Were Young by [personal profile] violace
I swear I wouldn't like The Killers if not for the odd contexts in which I first hear their songs. In this case, I tend to have to keep from eyerolling at the obvious context and the whole Single Woman Seeks Good Man shtick within the song by itself, but in the context of the boys? Heartbreaking.

* We Go Hard by Voordeel
Um, mostly just the boys being pretty and committing acts of violence. Mmm...

* Everybody Wants to Rule the World by VilyaXxX0llwyna
Another dark one, as might be expected. Specifically about Winter Soldier. I think the song choice is spot-on, given the running motif in the movie and in discourse about the movie on outside forces trying to control Steve, and obviously controlling Bucky. The point is that Steve and Bucky don't; they just want to be left alone. One day I shall write that essay on Steve, Bucky, duty, fame, and That One Poem of e.e. cummings's, (and for that matter, finish my own damn vid) but today is not that day.

* O Death" by Autumn Hobbit
VERY dark. I love the song, and what it means in the context of the vid. Again, warnings for canon typical violence, but this one specifically focuses on it, instead of being in the background. So there's that. Also, it's pretty dark visually too, and I think the creator made it with torrents from before the official release, so it's a little pixelated in places.

* Star Spangled Banner by Camunki
A Winter Soldier fanvid set to a minor key version of The Star Spangled Banner. Whoof. Um, wow. Just very powerful, especially what gets the focus of the last two lines.

Agent Carter

* Kill of the Night by yotb0ka
A great Peggy boast-vid, that manages to totally capture the essence of Agent Carter even though it only uses footage from the first two episodes. Canon-typical violence, and be warned: Peggy is very violent.

* china doll in a bullpen by Nirmenia
I feel like this vid's existence was completely inevitable, but it's so utterly perfect anyway. Dessa's 'Bullpen' could've been written about Peggy. Again, violence warning.


* Parachute by ThingsWithWings
Honestly this vid is what pushed me into even tentatively watching Leverage, because the first time I saw this I was filled with this huge, intense want that I can barely explain. I don't even care about the show itself, I just adore the OT3 and I'm stealing them and filing off their numbers and sticking them in a space opera.

* Radioactive by ibroketheinternetxo
...uh, see above. But more seriously, I like the action-y take in this one. Some intense flashy lights.

Gravity Falls

* My Songs Know What You Did in Gravity Falls by Koceta GM
If any Fall Out Boy song fit any kids' show, it would be 'Light Em Up'. A song all about dangerous and deadly secrets married to a vid about making deals with the devil. It's really well-timed, and goes up to 'Society of the Blind Eye'. I don't really think there's anything in Gravity Falls that needs to be warned about, but um, body horror maybe?

* This Is Halloween by LifeIsRandom14
Marilyn Manson's cover of 'This Is Halloween' finally found a perfect fit. The vid only uses footage up to the end of season one, but it also uses at least one clip from every episode.

Other Things:

* He's moving up slowly... (Inception) by LightNeverFades
A rather sexy Arthur/Eames vid I found in my bebe!fangirl days and was quite taken with and which uses next to no footage from the actual movie. I hadn't seen it in literally years and didn't think it would hold up that well, but nope, still pretty damn awesome. I dunno if this is a thing people need to watch out for, but the vid is quite (visibly speaking) dark, and and has high contrast saturated colors. Oddly enough, the last time I checked, the link was dead, but it isn't now. Hmmm.

* Aha! (Orphan Black) by surendertorandomness
I love this for the song, the pacing, and the way it treats Alison's paranoia and substance abuse. This is something that mildly annoyed me in the show itself, when other people's similar quiet meltdowns were treated seriously, and Alison became the butt of all the Stepford Wives jokes imaginable. Quick cuts, canon-typical violence from Alison, which is to say: Alison Hendrix has moments of implied or explicit violence, but comparatively less graphic than the show as a whole.

* Remember the Name (Game of Thrones) by obsessive24
Uh, for a show I don't even watch based on a book series I don't even read, I seem to stumble over Westeros rather a lot. I like anachronistic but thematically relevant song choices in vids? I got nothin'. Obviously, Game of Thrones's canon typical violence is much more extreme than other shows', so be warned.

* Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Elementary) by obsessive24
Again for things I don't watch, though this one I really want to. Lots of quick cuts.

* King and Lionheart (Pacific Rim) by [personal profile] violace
Uh, I have a weird relationship with "King and Lionheart"; leaving it at that, this vid makes me cry. Warnings for bright flashing lights and disaster porn.

* Come Little Children (Over the Garden Wall) by TalkingSoup
A really very spooky, eerie little vid. It's spoilery, but Over the Garden Wall only has ten short episodes, so I doubt anyone will actually be all that spoiled. The footage size and quality varies, but it's not that noticeable.

*Note: none of these fanvids are mine; they belong to their respective creators. For that matter, none of the songs or footage in these fanvids are mine; they belong to the capitalist bastards who crack down on torrenting their creators as well.
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Multiple exclamation marks. The sure sign of a diseased mind. But yes, I now own a blu-ray edition of the movie with the frozen super-soldiers, and am working very hard not to notice how it doesn't match the normal DVDs. I don't care. I am determined that this is not something I care enough about to detract from the fact that not only do I own this movie, I own it with the commentary.
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It is the ninth of September. I have a Wal-mart gift card courtesy of said parents, and at twelve ten today Roommate and I are going to said superstore to buy Captain fucking America. It's been six months, many of which have abjectly sucked. I am buying this thing that makes me happy-sad and I really cannot stress enough how much I want it in my hands.
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Well, the fanvid in question is coming along, tho I have but ten days left of my trial of Premiere Pro and haven't gotten around to looking up a pirated version. There are issues with the Winter Soldier footage I did so recently acquire, namely with with it being in widescreen and thus PP cropping it by default, and also with the extraordinary amount of lag whenever I try to play back WS clips on the sequence. On the other hand, it's looking pretty fucking cool. So there's that.

Ordinarily, I'd be writing fic to try and fill my need for creative out-pour in the wake of a brand new fandom, and for that matter, reading it. And actually I am. Reading it. But only one writer's fic, and none of my own, because it's too fucking important and too completely linked to my tenuous grip on sanity right now to let anyone else Write It Wrong, and there's no way anything of mine could live up.

So I've been toying around the edges, mostly playing around with the Hidden Talents boys in the MCU, because that's fun, and thinking up ways to best file off FitzSimmons' serial numbers and rescue them from the mess that is AoS. That, and the fanvid, and the Super Sekret Project, and continuing to watch the damn movie again and again, and wait for it to be out on DVD just hold a physical copy of my own, have been my replacement, since the words won't come.
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...I saw Winter Soldier again. For the ninth time. Yeah, I kind of skipped talking about it the last time I saw it. But yes, I have now seen this movie in theaters more often than any other movie I've seen.

...gonna go reread [personal profile] recessional's monster fic again. I'm not sure if it makes me feel better or worse, but it does balance out That One Scene and make me remember that this story has a happy ending (one that's much better than the canon one).
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Sometimes (most of the time, even) Winter Soldier is just a happy fluffy fandom thing that I can enjoy and like the characters a great deal and tolerate other people's *feels* on tumblr with a sort of fond indulgence, but then I'll actually rewatch the damn movie or even just remember a certain scene or go over the implications of something (usually pertaining to Bucky because that is where all of the Fridge Horror comes from) and then I'll end up literally shaking under a blanket, unable to process past the bank vault scene, and all that it implies.

Imagine that fandom, or fiction really (fandom just acts as a sort of additive that stretches the recipe out longer) is sort of like a wood varnish for the brain. It keeps me sane by painting layer after layer of beautiful unreality over me, and gives me filters for dealing with the constant, unending slow apocalypse that is living as a sentient creature on this planet, in this universe. And most of the time, ninety-nine percent of the time, it does its job magnificently.

But that one percent of the time, fiction stops being wood varnish and is instead fucking turpentine.

Sometimes a story short-circuits the wrong wire in my head, creates a reaction when up against a certain song or something else, and flays me alive.

In this case, because a war that was already hell without the help of comic book melodramatics was made into a hell unimaginable times worse, (and that had the benefit of writing and acting decent enough to make it riveting and not a terrible cheap fake) and because James Barnes was that dedicated, that suicidally (perhaps intentionally) loyal to Steve Rogers, he went from all charm confident ladies' man, beater of bullies and excited for the future, to cut down and ground up and exhausted by war and experimentation, to functionally dead or much worse off.

And outside of the exact details of method, that is not at all out of the realm of possibility.

Humans are shit. We are awful to each other without cause but our own amusement, and we as a species have been actively or inactively been trying to destroy every other human who isn't Me/Us throughout the history of our existence. We are, in fact, capable of all kinds of violence and horror and we as a species don't care. We can't. It takes a hell of a lot to break through the necessary callousness to make people feel for other people at all, and then we find that actually? trying to feel for all of the people in the world and all the horror everyone else faces and process all of that will. drive. us. mad. So we have to put the barriers up.

Thus fiction, until one piece of fiction or another happens to be too honest with its subject matter and the whole agonizing ritual starts over again.

I adore this movie. It doesn't make me happy.

I am also up at stupid 'o clock again, so this is what I write.
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...this movie continues to find new ways to horrify and charm me in equal measure. For one thing, I will never get over just how cute Anthony Mackie/Sam looks when he's threatening Sitwell. No reason, he's just adorable when he calls himself the good looking guy in the sunglasses.

On the other hand, the scene with Bucky and Pierce finds new ways to nauseate me and send me into creeped-out rage with each rewatch. Pierce's bullshit speech about helping HYDRA shape the world disturbs me more and more each time, mostly because he knows it doesn't mean anything to the (un)person he's saying it to, and the, I don't know, call it arrogance? with which he says it disturbs me.

My parents both liked it, which was a pleasant surprise. I figured my mother would, but my dad did as well, and given his propensity to hate anything remotely speculative in his fiction, it was great that he didn't this time.

Not much to say, really. Happy Easter, to anyone reading this who celebrates it, and Happy 420 to anybody who celebrates that.

In other news, Dreamwidth doesn't have a mood setting for over-caffeinated, and I still don't know how to put entries under a cut tag. Bother.


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