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Eeeeee!!! I have fanfic ideas and I'm writing for the boooooooys! I don't use first person all that often, so I'm considering this good practice. Particularly since while the books are first-person-past tense, given the content of the little bits and bobs bouncing around my head is both rapid-fire information processing and hard-truth introspection, and Martin especially is somewhat prone to evasive narration, it suits the flow better that no one gets the time to edit their thoughts.

La. Right now I'm in the headspace of Obviously The Whoniverse And The MCU Take Place In The Same Universe, Did You See The Londoners' Reactions In Thor 2? and also the Psychic Six exist in the MCU, so now they're in the Whoniverse too.

...And I kind of want to stick Hidden Talents Trash next Ruffalo!Bruce for the jaded-but-resigned sympathy with powers out of one's control. And Steve and an older, more adjusted post-True Talent Trash to have them just quietly draw together. And I am half-convinced that if you got them past the Martin-does-not-react-at-all-well-to-people-getting-in-his-face period, Tony would become Attached, and (to Martin's annoyance) stick around and bother him into something resembling a functional adult existence. Theirs is a mentor-student relationship characterized by loud fights. But then, most of Tony's relationships are like that.
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