Oh My Show

Apr. 3rd, 2015 11:14 am
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I’ve been rewatching Criminal Minds with Roommate, and I tricked her into watching four episodes tonight. We were on ‘Amplification’; the ep right after that is ‘To Hell…And Back’ and rather nasty, aaand it ends on a horrible fucking cliff-hanger.

So of course we had to watch ‘Faceless, Nameless’ and I had to cry my way through it. On the list of CM episodes that should’ve been nommed for Emmies and weren’t, this one ranks especially high.

Oh Emily, my badass fictional big sister. Oh Spencer, self-sacrificing love of my life. Oh Penelope, forced to wait for her family and hope, and hope that they’ll come home. Oh Hotch. Just, oh Hotch. Aaron, I may name a child after you someday.

I get incredibly, pathetically emotional about Criminal Minds, can you tell? My Show, I show it to you.
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